Popular for a reason.

Protect and display smartphones, flip phones and hot spots with universal designs featuring our patented Easy Removal System (ERS) that makes taking product off displays a snap.

Scorpion Select Phone

Secure any-and-all mobile devices with the Scorpion Select Phone that maximizes security and device functionality. Rotating base lets customers experience smartphones in vertical and horizontal view. Installation requires zero tools and takes less than a minute— faster than the average person can tie their shoes.
Scorpion Patent: US 11,236,853

Scorpion Select XL Phone

Our most popular Phone Scorpion, now optimized for devices 7.1” and larger. Slightly offset top leg allows for full back camera exposure, so customers can fully experience one of the most important features to consider when purchasing a smartphone— the camera.


Quick Release Phone Scorpion

Secure any-and-all sized smartphones with the ultimate Scorpion experience— the Quick Release Phone Scorpion. Adjustable legs fit and secure all devices currently available on the market, and products can be removed from display in seconds flat with Scorpion’s patented spring-loaded design. 

The Original 4 PT Phone Scorpion

Keep live devices on display with the The Original 4 PT Phone Scorpion. Patented design offers our highest level of security with 4 installation points— ideal for high-value devices like smartphones. Adjustable legs fit and secure mobile phones of all shapes and sizes, and Easy Removal System makes for effortless installation and removal.

The Original  2 PT Phone Scorpion

The Original 2 PT Phone Scorpion is perfect for securing flip phones and hot spots and easily adjusts to fit any-sized mobile devices. Easy Removal System allows you to install and uninstall products in mere seconds— it’s never been easier to take product on and off displays for overnight storage or customer demos.