What Our Customers are Saying...




“We were losing $130,000+ Annually in stolen devices.”

“Before Scorpion, we were losing approximately $11-12,000 PER MONTH — Annually, we were losing over $130,000 in stolen devices. Since installing Scorpion, we have not lost any devices.”

Wireless Customer

“We were losing about $80,000/YR”

“We liked that there was no cords or tethers that could be cut by someone.”

Jennifer R.

Cricket Dealer

“Thanks to Scorpion, WE DID NOT lose that iPhone”

“After about 2 or 3 minutes, he quit and the 2 men ran out of the store. Thanks to Scorpion, we DID NOT lose that iPhone, or any other product.”

Store Manager

Wireless Retailer

“…We Saved Around $10k a Month”

“It’s very simple, we have not had a loss once we started using Scorpion claws. We went from some stores losing a live demo device every 2-3 weeks, to zero. Which in a given month we saved around $10,000 if we had theft at 15 locations. It would be insane to not use Scorpion to prevent this type of loss.”

Steve S. -

Chief of Staff

“Easy to Use and Very Secure”

“Easy to use, very secure and allows us to display high-value phones without having to worry about shoplifters.”

Jonny R.



Loving your 4 point Scorpion products. We had an attempted theft on the new iPhone Xs Max and the guy couldn’t take the phone because of your Secure mounts! Love Love your products. Thank you so much, thanks for checking in.


Miguel C.

Purchasing Manager

” The Look is So Clean and Sleek”

“I LOVE Scorpion! By far the best and easiest I have ever dealt with. Thank you for being so helpful getting us our replacements in a short amount of time. In the years that I have worked with wireless, one thing I can say is that the security we have used in the past for our demo display devices has never been as solid as Scorpion. I actually love setting them up due to how easy it is. Not to mention, once they are fully resembled the look is so clean and sleek. It gives the entire store a different look. I never want to go back, that’s for sure. Thanks again!” Click here to download full case study.

Karolyn U.

Operations Manager

“The Store Has Not Lost Any Displays”

“Since the installation of these fixtures several months ago, the store has not lost any displays. This is a 2% store who was previously never able to keep the displays out…and these fixtures have worked great!”

Amy W.

Market Manager

” We went from $5-10k a month in break/fix costs to just about $0 with Scorpion.”

I know the two big savings for us were demo losses and break fix costs on the security claws. Demo losses we were averaging 10 per month and now it’s under 1 with Scorpion. We have not had a correctly installed demo stolen from a Scorpion yet. I think the things we like about the product is that it has limited components so they don’t break/there aren’t parts to fix and replace. The bases are adaptable to any new fixture our company brings forward. Because of how solid the claw is we are more likely and have had the metal bar ripped out of the fixture before they can get the phone off the Scorpion claw.


Project Manager

” He Got Away with Nothing…”

Just yesterday we had a burglary in another store where the guy got away with nothing due to the Scorpion security! He even cut himself trying! We also have iPhone 7 and 7 Plus on the wall next to it that does NOT have Scorpion. When the customer came in the thief asked the sales rep to get something for him in the back of the store. While his back was turned… The thief grabbed the 2 iPhone 7’s and ran out the door.

Brian F.

Inventory Manager

“Those Scorpions Stop ALL Theft”

“… And the email is the truth. Those Scorpions stop ALL theft!”

Sharon G.

Operations Manager

“There was no question as to which product was superior”

“I was back and forth between your product and a competitor option when deciding which high security option to use to upgrade our displays. I ordered a sample from a competitor and one store worth of your high end option. When we received the Scorpion display, there was no question as to which product was a better fit for our needs, and your customer service has already been so much more pleasant. Thank you so much!”


Sales Director

” Growing User Experience”

I’m a fan of companies continuing to try new things and attempting to find new ways to create value for their customers. My wife and I were at Walmart this evening and were so impressed with the updated electronics display. Walmart growing their user experience strikes me as a solid move, FWIW, in their showdown with Amazon.

Anonymous Customer

“The Scorpion fits all devices.”

“We were losing a minimum of 10 demo devices per month, which on average cost us about $80,000+ per year. Since installing Scorpion, we have not lost any devices… I also really like that there are no additional parts/pieces we need to purchase when a new phone comes out..”

Project Manager

“SWIS Aided in a Successful arrest of a Thief”

“SWIS was able to identify an individual and link them to a previous event at the same location. The combination of crimes raised the overall severity of the crime and police were able to piece everything together and make an arrest.”

Anonymous Wireless Customer