Often imitated, never duplicated.

We’re future-forward innovators— pioneers in the retail display industry. We offer the highest-rated security solutions on the market, complete with the best customer service around. Proven to ELIMINATE THEFT for retailers across the country and around the world.

We don’t reduce retail theft— we stop it entirely.

At Scorpion, our mission is simple: eliminate retail theft without obstructing the shopping experience for the customer.

The Idea.

When Scorpion founder Pete Gulick started his career, the electronic retail industry was undergoing a rapid transformation. As the mobile phone market exploded, Pete saw an ever-increasing demand for a security product that would prevent handheld devices from being stolen. He conceptualized and presented what would become the first Scorpion to leadership at his company, but they turned down his idea.

Planting The Seed.

Despite the rejection of his idea, Pete moved forward with his concept. After some initial trial and error, the first Scorpion was created. Pete had developed a unique product that safely secured handheld devices, looked sleek and stylish and allowed for full interactivity. In 2008, Scorpion Security Products was officially founded and began production.

Watching it grow.

“I don’t see a ceiling for Scorpion and believe that our opportunities are truly limitless,” says Pete. Scorpion has been revolutionizing retail security for over a decade, and as more and more companies join the 2,280 retailers across the globe who trust Scorpion to keep their products safe and secure, the future looks bright.

We Foster a Culture of Innovation at Scorpion.

If it doesn’t exist, we make it. And if it does exist, we make it better. That goes for our ever-evolving product line and our custom designs. Selling the hottest new smartphone? We’ve already developed a new Scorpion to protect it. Experiencing a security problem unique to your store? We’ll innovate a custom Scorpion just for you.