Scorpion is the world leader in retail display security.
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Trusted by retailers worldwide.

Our products are proven to eliminate theft. Just ask the more than 2,280 retailers across the globe who trust Scorpion to keep their stores safe and secure.

Tough on theft, easy on you.

Install our Tool-Less products in seconds— no tools required.

Secure and engage.

Our products eliminate theft— all without obstructing your customer’s shopping experience. Scorpions allow for the highest level of consumer engagement by highlighting each device’s unique functionality.

Second-to-none customer service.

Our people are dedicated to delivering quality products on-time, every time.

Scorpions secure everything from smartphones to baby formula.

We specialize in display security for handheld electronics like phones, tablets, laptops and smartwatches, but we also offer Scorpions that secure baby formula, wine and liquor, golf clubs and more.

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