Eliminate Theft

Scorpion has a proven track record of completely eliminating theft for our customers. Choose Scorpion and stop theft at your store location(s) today.

Protect Detachables

Scorpion’s new line of Tool-Less solutions install in less than 1 minute while
providing maximum security and the highest level of consumer engagement.


Scorpion provides the most secure display security on the market without compromising aesthetics. Our products are proven to eliminate theft. 

Easy Install

Our products can be installed with ease, many of our new tool-less products can be installed in less than 1 minute. Save time + money with Scorpion.

Customer Service

Scorpion’s customer service is second to none in the industry. We take great pride in delivering a quality product and always on time, if not earlier.


Before Scorpion, we were losing approximately $11-12,000 PER MONTH — Annually, we were losing over $130,000 in stolen devices. Since installing Scorpion, we have not lost any devices.
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