Multiple devices. One seamless experience.

Secure all of your devices with a single app.

What is SWIS?

Scorpion Wireless Intelligent Security

Scorpion Wireless Intelligent Security (SWIS) is a software-based security application that secures iOS and Android devices— no hardware required. With SWIS, customers are free to interact with devices as if it’s already theirs, unencumbered by hardware.

Mind your business, not the store.

SWIS keeps tabs on your devices, so you’re free to focus on what matters— like growing your business. Scorpion’s 24/7 support keeps SWIS running around the clock, no matter what.

Maximize savings, minimize shrink.

SWIS saves you money by eliminating the need to manually surveil display areas— reducing staffing and operating costs— and Full Alarm Mode aids in the recovery of stolen items.

US Patented Technology: 10,708,785