“Being green is more than just buying ‘eco’. It is an unshakable commitment to a sustainable lifestyle.”

– Jennifer Nini

It’s not about doing less harm, It’s all about doing more good.

Scorpion Security Products takes great pride in adopting the values of a green business. Our company has aligned itself with principles, policies and practices that will ultimately help to enhance the quality of life for our employees, customers, our local community and most importantly, our planet. Our commitment to reduce our carbon footprint is a top priority, and each year we get closer to our promise of making the world a better place for generations to come…

Our Facilities

Scorpion is a certified Green Business of America. Our factories and warehouses are in compliance with government sustainability requirements, and many of our factories have already passed government environmental impact assessments with a ZERO pollution rating. Our management teams in each facility have setup energy consumption output ratio targets for each department— These targets are hit year over year.

Our Process/Products

Scorpion’s packaging utilizes recycled cardboard and ALL of our products are made with as much recycled material as possible. Our products are built to last, reducing the amount of times you would need to replace a product. Each product undergoes rigorous testing in specialty facilities to ensure they are of the utmost durability and quality. Our products are also marked with the “Please Recycle” logo. When a Scorpion device has reached end of life, we offer a national recycling program to ensure that all products are recycled properly.

Scorpion has partnered with a nationally known and recognized metal processing and recycling company that gives each and every one of our customers the ability to send end of life products to be properly recycled. We offer central drop locations across the country. Once products have undergone the recycle process, an official certification will be sent to each recipient/customer letting them know that all of their products have been properly recycled and are ready for reuse.

“We are consistently responsible in the way that we source, manufacture, market our products and run our operations and facilities. Our goal is to operate with as much transparency as possible.”

– Pete Gulick, CEO