Did you know that retailers are losing over $6 billion dollars during the Holiday season alone? Don’t let this year be the season of the five-finger discount!

This Year’s Ultimate Gift?
Picture this: You lost some devices to theft this year and shrink was a little higher than it was the year before–You know that you get another opportunity and a fresh start for 2020 but have to make some changes to your loss prevention plan of attack…Unsure of which direction you may go…
Now picture this: You have made the choice to secure your products with Scorpion. You get devices installed in January 2020– 1 month goes by, no theft. 2, 4, 6 months go by…Maybe a attempt, but again, no theft. It’s the end of 2020 and you have had ZERO THEFT at your store location and even the attempts have stopped.
This can be reality when you choose Scorpion.
“We have had ZERO theft since we installed your products, zero, and we have stores in very high theft locations. I mean theft has legitimately stopped. I am encouraging the entire team to move completely away from our current security which is from one of your competitors. Your products and service really are the best. We absolutely love them, can’t thank you guys enough.”   –PURCHASING MANAGER
Have we got your attention?