Retail shrinkage is the portion of your inventory that gets lost or stolen. The actual loss of inventory can be attributed to factors such as shoplifting, employee theft, admin error, and even damage caused to products in transit. According to the National Retail Security Survey, the number one source of shrinkage for a retail business is shoplifting—coming in second would be employee theft. Stolen inventory from shoppers continues to cost businesses billions of dollars every year. The National Retail Security Survey stated that inventory shrink averaged 1.38 percent of retail sales in 2014, resulting in the loss of nearly $44 billion…That’s HUGE.  As each year passes, the number seems to continuously rise. Of course, every business’ goal is to cut that number back, although retail shrinkage may never 100% be eliminated, businesses can surely take a preventative stance on retail theft.

So, how can you get products/inventory flying of the shelves, but only after they have been paid for? Keep them secure. Not just “secure” but Scorpion Secure. Whether it’s a surveillance system, secure clothing tags, or a Scorpion handheld electronic security device, these products are working around the clock to prevent theft, from both shoppers and employees. All businesses are different, each one requires various security needs, whether it’s a pharmacy protecting medicine, a boutique offering jewelry and shoes, or a retail store that carries a wide range electronic devices that could easily be clipped, snipped, and carried away, there is always a solution to keeping product secure. Finding the best one can be tasking… As a leader in retail security solutions, Scorpion Security Products and the team of loss prevention professionals understand the importance of anti-theft on a business and how much money can be saved by taking a preventative stance. Customization of security is no issue, it’s actually something Scorpion excels at. Ever thought to yourself ” I wish someone made security that did or didn’t do (__________)”? Scorpion thrives on your feedback…and designs products specifically to close those gaps. Let Scorpion assist in filling the void when it comes to retail security, don’t let shrinkage cost your business thousands, millions, or billions. Let the experts guide you in taking a preventative stance against theft.

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