Tablets occupy a middle zone between a smartphone and laptop and their design and capabilities are constantly evolving– As tablet technology continues to advance, the price tag continues to rise, tablets can range anywhere from $250 to $2,000, making them a highly targeted item when it comes to theft. Scorpion offers universal tablet security, meaning that our products can secure tablets of all sizes even those with keyboards. The Tablet Scorpion offers the highest level of security for your devices without compromising customer engagement. Stop theft and reduce shrink with Scorpion tablet display security. 


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“We have had ZERO theft since we installed your products, zero, and we have stores in very high theft locations. I mean theft has legitimately STOPPED. I am encouraging the entire team to move completely away from out current security which is from one of you competitors. Your products and service really are the BEST. We absolutely love the, can’t thank you guys enough.”

–Purchasing manager