The increasing demand for wireless sports and fitness devices are driving the market, causing theft of these devices to be at an all time high. An average smart watch costs anywhere between $200 to $500. In 2018 the wearables market was valued at over $48 billion dollars and from there, was expected to triple within the a 5-6 year period. Retailers are looking for ways to display their smartwatches, allowing customers to fully interact, but without having to worry about theft. Scorpion is pleased to offer a variety of smartwatch security solutions for various OEM brands. Our products are exceptional merchandising solutions that offer security that is second to none. Click links below to learn more about each of the different smartwatch solutions we offer, and fill out our form if you are interested in pricing or samples!

Wearable Scorpion for Apple Watch

Wearable Scorpion for Samsung Galaxy Watch

Wearable Scorpion for Garmin Watch

Wearable Scorpion for Samsung Galaxy Active2 Watch

Wearable Scorpion for Gizmo Watch


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“We were looking for a way to display our Apple Watches without them getting lifted. We are now using your solution and have not had any issues since installing them. No theft and products are on display for customers to interact with.”

–Retail customer