Annie Bensley, Director of Marketing + Strategic Partnerships at Scorpion Security Products

The phrase “new normal” has been tossed around more times than you can count, but the irony in that, is that things are So. Not. Normal.  The unknown is a very scary thing but is also our current reality. As COVID-19 continues to develop, it comes as no surprise that companies are pivoting to video conferencing as their main source of communication. According to reports, just in the last week alone, there was an extraordinary spike in video conferencing downloads, 62 MILLION to be exact. Businesses and consumers alike are concerned for their futures, but with the help of this type of technology, it enables companies like us, to carry on with business despite the mandates and restrictions in place across the country and around the world. Technology is empowering us to forge ahead and push through the chaos while maintaining a positive mindset.

We recently launched a new initiative, Scorpion Learning Labs, as a creative way to continue to offer exceptional service to our amazing customers. Learning labs are 15-minute or less, webinars designed to educate participants on a wide variety of topics. The topics that our team presents on have a direct correlation with the questions and requests that come in from our customers.  We are thrilled to be offering these labs and see them as a “win-win.” We are able to engage and continue communication with those that matter most to us, our customers, distributors, prospects and associates, while also being able to educate them on topics that matter most, to them. Yesterday we held our very first learning lab that focused on our Tool-Less Phone Scorpion—Kudos to the teamwork that was put into this effort in less than a 1-week time frame, where we had 18 participants eager to learn! We are confident that these short webinars will offer great value and look forward to continuing this program. Of course, we encourage our Scorpion community and followers to submit topics they are interested in learning more about—A truly positive way to end our week… Knowing that even through all of the chaos, we found a way to make our customers smile.

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