Zac Blocker, Director of Sales, Scorpion Security Products

As a business partner to many during this global pandemic, we’ve been challenged to keep our teammates and their family members safe, maintain the highest level of customer service and continue business as normal, in a world that is everything but normal. Our goal is to not only be proactively practicing safe habits to stop the spread of the coronavirus but also be the first line of defense for our customers.

COVID-19 is a scary reality that is affecting us all; and the most terrifying part is the unknown…

One thing that is for certain—as you stop into your local grocery stores, big box locations, and pharmacies, the shelves have been stripped empty for essential and even non-essential items. Retailers are starting to feel the burn as their supply cannot meet the demand, and thieves are starting to notice.

The retail market history has shown us that in times of great struggle and adversity, individuals become desperate. That desperation then becomes the driving force behind an individual’s decision to commit theft. It is at this time when desperation meets action, which is bad news for retailers.

Fist fights, riots, and empty shelves are just the beginning for retailers. The history of the retail market has shown us that theft, armed robbery and looting is on the horizon, and that’s when businesses really take a hit. As the coronavirus continues to be an “unknown” phenomenon, we want to be part of the solution before history gets its chance to repeat itself.

At Scorpion we understand the value of your assets, especially at a time like this. As the leader in display security for electronics, it is our mission and duty to secure every asset possible. From mom and pop stores to fortune 100 companies and even 500 companies, we know that every dollar counts during these trying times. We have the ability to secure your assets and 100% ELIMINATE theft in these unavoidable moments.

Peace of mind goes a long way during these tough times, so why wait? Quantitatively, your ROI is immediate—your shrink will fall to 0%. Qualitatively, you have a team of individuals all standing on the front line ready to fight the inevitable and protect your assets.

Before your business starts feeling the pain as a result from theft, give us a call and talk to one of our friendly teammates. We’ve got your back, and we are here to help you help others. Our warehouse is stocked, and we are ready to ship.