SKU: 720020

Tool-Less Universal Laptop

The Tool-Less Universal Laptop Scorpion is ergonomically designed and its elevation allows for proper ventilation. This product requires zero tools for installation and can be installed in seconds. The Tool-Less 3C Laptop Scorpion also allows for consumers to fully engage with devices while maintaining maximum security.

Maximum Security, ELIMINATES Theft

Masterful Merchandising: Enjoy full features & functions without compromising security. Ability to lift up laptop, open/close device without threat of cut & runs

Interchangeable Legs: One bracket accommodates laptops of all sizes  (Chromebook, thin & light, gaming, etc.)

Tool-Less: No tools required for installation

Easy Installation: Install products in under 1 minute

Seamless Integration: Integrates into all fixture types

Longevity: Scorpion devices last 10+ years preserving initial investment

COMPLETE Functionality with MAXIMUM Security!

SKU: 720020

Universal to secure laptops of all sizes  (Chromebook, thin & light, gaming, etc.)

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