The Cable Scorpion provides maximum security while allowing for the highest level of consumer engagement. It can be used to secure a wide variety of items. It can also be used as a safety compliance device. The Cable Scorpion is available in three sizes, (small, medium and large) each with an adjustable.

Maximum Security: Allows for the highest level of security and consumer engagement

Universal Design: Adjustable clamp width secures a variety of products no matter the size/shape

Customization:  Customizable cable length & colors available

Safety & Security: Can be used to secure products or as a safety compliance device

Save Money: Product can be reused across all departments


Each size has adjustable width to accommodate a wide range of products. Ideal for use securing strollers/car seats, bicycles, lawn/garden products,furniture, power tools, grills, toys, house-ware & much more!

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