The 4-Point Easy Removal System Phone Scorpion with Fact Tag Base allows employees to quickly unlock and remove the device on display so that customers may pick it up and hold it in their hands. Fact Tag Base provides retailers with a perfect way to securely display their device with pricing and description. Once the customer is finished with the device, simply place the Scorpion with the device back into the base, and push the lock button to re-secure the phone.

Maximum security, ELIMINATES THEFT

Universal design fits all phones

Integrates into all fixture types

Rotating base for portrait and landscape view

Easy Removal System (Quick release to take down and store at night)

Available in flat, angled or wall mount

Available in white or black

All metal components and locking axle

Fact Tag allows pricing and description to be displayed


SKU: 730003D & 600009

Universal to fit all smartphones


Ideal for use securing valuable smartphones of various shapes and sizes. Easily remove device in seconds with key to allow customer to hold. Return device to base and simply push the lock button back in to re-secure the device. Perfect for quick removal of phones to lock up in cabinets at night. Fact Tag provides easy display of pricing and product description.