New mobile devices are constantly entering the market, as these new phones continue to make their debut, each release is better than the last–There are more features and functions available meaning that the price tag also increases with each launch making them a high target for theft. Regardless of what type of phone is being released, Scorpion Security Products is always prepared to protect all devices. Our phone security solutions are universal, in that, they are designed to secure phones of all sizes, no matter the brand. Keep all of your valuable electronics secure with Scorpion– we offer the highest level of security while still allowing customers to engage with devices. 

4 Point ERS Tool-Less Phone Scorpion

4 Point Bolt-Down Phone Scorpion

4 Point ERS Phone Scorpion

2 Point ERS Phone Scorpion

2 Point Bolt-Down Phone Scorpion


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“It’s very simple, we have not had a loss since we started using Scorpion’s phone security. We went from some stores losing a live demo device 2-3 weeks, to ZERO. Which in a given month, we saved around $10,000 if we had theft at 15 locations. It would be insane to not use scorpion to prevent this type of loss!”

–Steve s. – chief of staff