“Before Scorpion, we were losing approximately $11-12,000 PER MONTH — Annually, we were losing over $130,000 in stolen devices. Since installing Scorpion, we have not lost any devices.”

–wireless customer



“We were losing $10,000 per month and annually we were losing over a $100,000…After we installed Scorpion devices we stopped losing demo devices to theft. I mean we were considering taking all of our live devices off display and using fake phones but your products stopped theft for us. Thank you! “

–general manager



“We were losing over $80,000 per year… We are so thankful that we made the switch. What we also liked about Scorpion was that there were no cords or tethers that could be cut by someone.”

–cricket dealer



“We have had ZERO theft since we installed your products, zero, and we have stores in very high theft locations. I mean theft has legitimately stopped. I am encouraging the entire team to move completely away from our current security which is from one of your competitors. Your products and service really are the best. We absolutely love them, can’t thank you guys enough.”

–Purchasing manager


Through times of uncertainty, you can be certain that your products are protected with Scorpion. We’ve helped our customers save hundreds of thousands of dollars by eliminating theft at their store locations. Customers can keep live devices on display without having to worry about theft. Have we got your attention? Fill out the form below to learn how you can ensure your products are IMPOSSIBLE to steal.


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