Scorpion does not have alarms…Nor have we ever needed them for our security devices. The proof is in the pudding- and we can show you in a simple test video why alarms are NOT necessary.

NEW for 2019, we present to you– our Tool-Less Scorpions. These devices require ZERO tools for installation, and, it gets better. Installation takes less than 1 minute– which saves you time, money and headaches. You’ll never again hear, “I cannot find the tools” or, “The battery is dead in our key”, and finally while their alarm sounds “Oh, that happens all the time, don’t worry about it”. Our patented and patent pending technology provides you with exceptional merchandising options while maintaining the highest level of security. That is not “Security Rhetoric”; we’ve got the video proof! All of our Scorpions stayed completely secure during 6 minutes of rigorous testing with screwdrivers, pry-bars, mallet’s, hammers, tugging and pulling. The Scorpion did not fail. We often use the term Scorpion will ELIMINATE THEFT. This is also a term that comes directly from our customer testimonials—Check them out here:


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