Find yourself feeling like this guy above?



Tension Headaches, Anxiety, Urge to scream, Sweating, Fatigue, Constantly questioning yourself, EMPTY POCKETS



Extreme Headaches from the Holiday season are pretty common, however, we aren’t talking about the headaches you get from your in-law’s, overindulgence or Black Friday crowds… We are talking about the headaches you get from being a store manager, operations manager, LP/AP or merchandising representative not using Scorpion to secure your electronics. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, it is most likely a direct result of the overwhelming theft your store experienced during the Holidays– and also, knowing that there will be a day between January and March where you will be called into an office by your supervisor, asked WHY the company lost so much product and WHY you were not prepared for it.



“A dose of Scorpion each day will keep the thieves away!”

A full dose of Scorpion security devices to secure any and all of your electronic devices, including: phones, tablets, smartwatches, laptops and more. You can expect to see instant results/relief in the form of ZERO THEFT.

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“Before Scorpion, we were losing approximately $11-12,000 PER MONTH — Annually, we were losing over $130,000 in stolen devices. Since installing Scorpion, we have not lost any devices.” —Wireless customer

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