If you’re a modern-day retailer, loss preventionis a primary concern, there’s just no getting around it. As a business owner,you essentially have three main options available to you when considering retail security; monitoring & surveillance, locking devices or alarm systems. But are there better options out there for securing your items, without having to compromise aesthetics and engagement? Read below to find out more.


This is your traditional retail security system, usually in the form of a camera or guards, and even both in many cases. Monitoring is often the first line of defense for many larger retailers. For smaller businesses, just aCCTV (closed circuit TV) system usually does the trick because the shoppers see they’re being filmed. In this sense, the CCTV acts as much as a preventative measure as it does a practical one. Having access to video also allows the retailer to reviewwhat’s happening in their storefront even if they are not there. At times, even the presence of dummy cameras can help deter theft. Shoppers see cameras and think they are being recorded- they’ll never know the difference. Scorpion Security Products offers a variety of security cameras and dummy cameras for your home and/or business. Don’t fall victim to theft, take the first step in ensuring your products remain secure with security cameras. (include link to cameras)

Locked Items

People can’t steal what they can’t get. By keeping things out of reach, or only available with a key, theft is more difficult. However, the good, as well as the bad here, is that many types of locks keep the items out of reach. A shopper can get discouraged or become frustrated when dealing with an extra layer of security. In an age where everyone expects to have their needs met at a moment’s notice, the lock security options pose a real drawback. For example, if a clerk becomes preoccupied, inattentiveor too busy to handle the needs of many customers at once, it can, in turn, hurt the business’s status quo, making the customer feel like they should shop elsewhere or perhaps online. At Scorpion Security Products, we do not believe in a tradeoff between security, aesthetics and engagement. Our core product, the Scorpion, secures products without taking away the consumer interaction. Items are essentially “locked” but are still on display. The innovative, patented design of Scorpions offer the perfect balance of security and consumer engagement. Eliminate false alarms, secure devices and never compromise aesthetics.

Alarms and SWIS (Scorpion Wireless Intelligent Security)

Similar to locks, attached alarm sensors prevent items from leaving the store, but allow the customer access to move about with the products freely. The most popular of the retail security systems, which is known as RF (radio frequency), has become the gold standard for loss prevention. When passing the receiver at the entrance/exit of the business, an alarm sounds alerting the employees. Although this method has worked for some, the flawed system does not always protect against theft. Scorpion has introduced a new line of security technology that utilizes wireless communication between a “comfort zone” and handheld device- thus allowing customers to move about freely with electronic devices. A pre-determined comfort zone will prevent devices from leaving the store without alarming. A sticker-free, tether-free, lock-free way of securing items. This software based technology will eliminate theft while also allowing for the highest level of consumer engagement. To learn more about this technology, Scorpions or for pricing visit www.scorpionsp.com. To shop other retail security products and accessories, visit www.shop.scorpionsecurityproducts.com