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Scorpion Security Products was founded in 2008. At this time, alarmed security systems were the go to solution to secure electronic devices. These power driven systems can, at times, lead to constant false alarms and an unsatisfying experience for the consumer. Our Founder and CEO, Pete Gulick, noticed the need for a security device that works so well, it would greatly decrease the need for alarmed systems. Multiple individuals with years of experience in retail fixtures, mechanical engineering, and precision machining led to the creation of the most secure mechanical electronic security device ever developed.

Often Imitated, Never Duplicated

If you can find a better security device for the price, buy it.


Our mission at Scorpion Security Products is simple: to provide the most secure and engaging consumer merchandising experience possible. Many in the electronics security industry believe that there must be a trade-off between security and aesthetics – we don’t. That’s why when we design our products, we settle for nothing less than the perfect balance of security and consumer engagement.

The Idea

The Idea

It began when Pete Gulick was working for a store-fixture display company and was involved in the build out of the first Alltel Wireless Communications store. There was a rapid growth in cell phone stores and with that, Pete saw an opportunity for cell phone security and a product that would prevent handheld devices from being stolen. The need for securing assets was there, as was the need for this product to be aesthetically appealing. He presented the concept to the leadership team at his company and was turned down.

Planting a Seed

Planting a Seed

Despite the rejection of his idea, Pete continued to move forward with it knowing that it would undoubtedly help businesses keep products secure. Through trial and error, along with research, development, and testing, Scorpion was born. He developed a unique product that would secure phones and other handheld devices without having to compromise aesthetics. In 2008, Scorpion Security Products was officially founded and began production.

Watching it Grow

Watching It Grow

“I don’t see a ceiling for Scorpion and believe that our opportunities are truly limitless,” says Owner, Pete Gulick. Scorpion is revolutionizing retail security and has been keeping assets secure for almost a decade. We continue to grow by being one of the preferred security vendors for the largest retailer in the United States.


Scorpion Security Products Inc. warrants that if within 1 year of purchasing from us, should there be any defects in the product or workmanship, and if, Scorpion deems the product was used with normal use and care, and if no damage or wear has resulted from neglect, abuse, misuse, tampering, or accidents, the product will be replaced as determined by Scorpion’s discretion.

All warranty claims must be made within 5 business days of discovery. All other warranties must be made through their prospective manufacturers. This product is not a sale of consumer goods and is for commercial and/or business use only.

Scorpion Security Products Inc. is only obligated to repair or replace such products proved to be defective by Scorpion. Scorpion is not liable for loss of damage, direct or indirect, made to any other product associated with the Scorpion Security Unit. Please ensure all directions are read and understood as failing to do so may result in damage to the product that the Scorpion is protecting. We are not liable for any damage resulting from misuse or misdirection of Scorpion Products.

US PATENT #8.985.544

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US PATENT #9.039.785